The Story Starts Here

Well, let’s see how this works. Where am I now?

At the moment, I’m a little under two weeks into the pre-order campaign for my debut novel, “Murder at the Veterans’ Club“, at Inkshares. It’s exactly five months since I left the ranks of the steady-salaried … I shan’t say I left the ranks of the gainfully-employed, because writing is gainful employment, right? Well, it IS employment, right? Of a sort? Oh, shut up.

You must all be wondering how I got here. Well, I suppose there’s plenty of time in between the on-going adventures to explain.

See, I’m a guy who likes his basic creature comforts. I’m not really into magnificent epiphanies–sunsets over the Andes, scuba-diving off the Australian coast, that sort of thing. I’m not into extravagance. Until last year, I was settling into a nice, complacent little routine, working as an architectural technician at an office just up the road from where I live. (Seriously, I walked home every day for lunch.) I’d complain a bit about my work sucking up all my creative energy, but that was about it.

Last year, I was told that the company would be downsizing, and I’d have to go. It was largely a matter of available work being somewhat less than before, in combination with the bosses getting close to retirement age. See, it was a small company, five of us in all including the two bosses–a married couple–and I knew my time there was unlikely to last beyond the bosses’ retirement. I did think I might have another five years, but … well, maybe it’s all for the best.

I had plenty of options, but the one I decided to go with was the dream of full-time writing. I know, it’s not an occupation that’s likely to make me rich and wealthy, but, see above, I’m happy with very basic comforts. I’ve already established a lot of my basic comforts such that my yearly expenses are pretty low. I don’t need a bestseller … I just need a few steady earners.

I did my calculations, determined that I could afford to take a few years chasing this dream, and set to it.

That’s the basic story, anyway….

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