We interrupt this blog with the news that yesterday, at about 8:35pm, “Murder at the Veterans’ Club” received its 250th pre-order. This means it qualifies for the Quill imprint, a lighter publishing deal under Inkshares. The one advantage this would give me above self-publishing is a spot on the Ingram catalogue. But of course I want the full publishing deal I’d get at 750 pre-orders. The marketing and distribution I would get there … well, that’s the whole reason I decided against self-publication in the first place.

cover2-smallSo yeah, Quill is good and it means everyone will get the books they ordered; but it’s not quite what I want: I’ve still got a ways to go, to get that.

As a milestone, 250 puts me at 1/3 of the way to my final goal. I know things are probably going to slow down a bit from here on. It’s going to get harder for a while. But simply reaching the milestone gives me a surge of hope, that this thing is really happening … everything now seems within the realm of possibility. And I’m going to have to start begging more shamelessly.

Hey you. Yeah, you … have you pre-ordered your copy yet?

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