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Mystery Casting

The first Agatha Christie I ever read was “Murder on the Orient Express”. I may have been too young to properly appreciate it at the time; but I remember that the edition I had included, at the beginning, a dramatis … Continue reading

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Too Many Controllers 2

It continues to be slow on the pre-order front for “Murder at the Veterans’ Club”–Summer is meant for lazy, restful naps in the sun–but that does not mean I have been completely idle. I have plans for a second Peterkin … Continue reading

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Mustard, Music, and Murder

“Mustard, Music, and Murder” is a short little game I wrote, featuring Eric Peterkin as the player character, and one other character–Edward Garrett–from “Murder at the Veterans’ Club”. I’m trying to make it as accessible as possible, so it’s hosted … Continue reading

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