Mustard, Music, and Murder

MMMcover“Mustard, Music, and Murder” is a short little game I wrote, featuring Eric Peterkin as the player character, and one other character–Edward Garrett–from “Murder at the Veterans’ Club”. I’m trying to make it as accessible as possible, so it’s hosted online, playable in a browser, and it starts right off by telling you which verbs you’re going to need.

In fact, all the standard verbs are implemented (it seems easier and more fun to create custom responses than to cut the verbs out entirely) but only a very small handful are really necessary to complete the game.

I have this idea of making a series of these short mystery games. Perhaps next episode, we’ll go backstage at a music hall with Patrick Norris…? What does the world think?

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1 Response to Mustard, Music, and Murder

  1. Felix says:

    And another game goes on my backlist… 😛


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