Too Many Controllers 2

It continues to be slow on the pre-order front for “Murder at the Veterans’ Club”–Summer is meant for lazy, restful naps in the sun–but that does not mean I have been completely idle. I have plans for a second Peterkin mystery game, which I hope to unveil in a couple of weeks.

And speaking of games and books, the video-game oriented Nerdist contest just ended, and I am pleased to say that “Too Many Controllers” came in first. This means publication, and that is bloody exciting. My own contribution to that anthology has been written, and now it’s a matter of fine-tuning together with the other contributors. I think I’m the only person writing in British English … would it be necessary to convert to American English for the sake of uniformity with the overall publication?

The plan is to submit our stories on the 15th of August and proceed from there. We’ll see what the editors say.

We’ve compiled a video to express our gratitude to all the people who’ve pre-ordered and thus contributed to the anthology’s success in the competition.

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