IntroComp 2016: Narrows

IntroComp 2016 is underway, and we have until 10 September to vote. These aren’t supposed to be full-fledged, fully-formed games; rather, they’re supposed to be demos of works-in-progress: generally speaking, just enough to give an idea of the finished product. Not breakfast, but maybe coffee or complimentary toast.

So I figured I’d better take a look at what’s in the running. First up: Narrows….

I know this is supposed to only be an intro, but it’s still unusually short. We’re offered only one choice, and then the demo ends. So I have no idea what sort of story to expect … other than an idyllic afternoon in the English countryside, maybe? There is something enormously appealing about that, but the story could still easily veer off into any number of directions.

The chapter heading, “The First Mooring,” does suggest that this is going to be a series of vignettes, perhaps adding up to a composite picture of … whatever theme the author imagines.

That said, I like the presentation for its clarity and cleanliness. There’s a clear distinction between the choices that move the story on and the links that merely provide exposition; and there aren’t any gimmicky visual distractions.

It’s not yet breakfast, of course: none of the IntroComp games ought to be. As a prelude to breakfast, however, it might be a nice cup of filtered coffee taken al fresco in the early morning–no frills in the coffee itself, all the joy of a pleasing environment, and a dozen different possibilities to follow.

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