IntroComp 2016: Some Exceptions for Reasons Unknown

Continuing with my IntroComp review, next up is “Some Exceptions for Reasons Unknown”….

So, we’re a thief apprenticed to a wizard, and we’re going to be leading an expedition to fight off a dragon. The introduction here deals with the lead-up to the expedition (I’m imagining a twist in which it turns out we’re not to be the leader of the expedition after all) and the few tasks and puzzles that must be completed before we can even be considered for the job.

It’s a really cool story. I like the humour, and I found some the puzzles pretty clever. There are a couple of rough edges still–one very early puzzle involves ducking into a room whose existence is never mentioned anywhere–but then this is only supposed to be a work in progress.

So what do I think we can expect from the full game? I think we can expect some NPC management: the heart of the game, the campaign against the dragon, is supposed to be a group effort, after all. We’ve been introduced to a pair of characters who are clearly going to be antagonists or rivals; I don’t know if they’re going to form a rival expedition, or if their going to be troublesome members of our group, or if they’re going to turn out to be the appointed leaders instead of us … but I’m already looking forward to serving them their comeuppance.

One of the puzzles involves switching out an Important Thing with a counterfeit; and I know this is going to have disastrous results (ah, but for whom?) further down the road. As a plot point, it’s a nice way of tying the action of the story together–things done at Point A have repercussions for Point D–but I rather wish something might be done to reduce the sense that our only game-sanctioned option is to do something phenomenally stupid. Perhaps if we didn’t know the significance of the Important Thing until after the switch, or perhaps if we’re told that we’re sure we can get by even with the afore-mentioned disastrous results … I might feel better.

As a prelude to breakfast, this might be … I don’t know. A massive pot of coffee–a hazelnut roast, I think–and a stack of complimentary toast. It’s a fairly substantial introduction, almost sufficient to constitute breakfast in its own right, and I have high hopes for the rest of it.

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