Labour’s Letters Lost

p03coverIt’s a little late in coming, but here we have it: “Labour’s Letters Lost”, the third instalment in the ongoing series of Peterkin Investigates IF mysteries. We’re stepping away from murder, this time: the crime here is the theft of a packet of highly sensitive correspondence, and of course we can’t involve the police. Bradshaw, who calls Eric Peterkin in, doesn’t even want the other guests to know anything might be amiss.

I think that with each instalment, the story gets just a little bit harder as an Interactive Fiction story, in the sense of requiring more verbs to finish. And also, perhaps, a little more complex. Unlike the previous two, this one has multiple ways in which to reach an ending.

From an authorship perspective, I think the code at the bottom of the story is also growing more elegant with each iteration. I’m particularly proud of the system of clues and deductions I have in place here.

I guess there must be creative types out there who make use of Patreon. I don’t know that I should be so presumptious as to do the same just yet (have I produced enough?) but I really think the Inkshares campaign for my book amounts to the same thing: to support my creative efforts, people are asked to “donate” in the form of making pre-orders for the book. I’m really hoping that people will enjoy these games–or see merit in a series of Interactive Fiction stories escalating from easy to involved–enough to want to support me with a pre-order, whether or not they like reading mysteries.

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