IFcomp 2016: Toiletworld

“Toiletworld”. Oh dear….

The game is called “Toiletworld” and the dedication is “to my haters”. Gee. This bodes well.

All right. So the world is full of, ah, plumbing fixtures (toilets) as well as being a giant plumbing fixture (toilet) and the room descriptions are full of “to do” notes, which I believe are meant to be humorous rather than actual “to do” notes. Even if the things to be done haven’t been done. I have nothing that wants doing, and exploration feels just slightly more interesting than watching paint dry, but less than watching paint peel off the walls.

I believe this is a troll entry.

Breakfast? A prune. No coffee, no tea, no nothing. Just a prune. And a note that sometimes, haters exist for a reason.

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