“Murder at the Veterans’ Club” has been selected for The List. This is a contest for book projects on Inkshares that have caught the eye of the Powers That Be–unlike other contests, participation is by invitation only. On 31 December, the three book projects with the most unique readers will win the Full Publication deal … you know, that thing that normally only happens when you get 750 orders.


It means that on 31 December, if “Murder at the Veterans’ Club” is still in the top three–it’s currently in second position–it can go into production with the Full Publication deal right then and there. It means people could get their books a month earlier than expected. It means the current focus is no longer on the great 750, but on maintaining a position at the top of the heap.

It means that people think “Murder at the Veterans’ Club” is a book worthy of note, in case anyone had any doubts before.

But wait! Starting out in second place is nice and all, but does that mean I can sit back and relax and just wait for this to fall into my lap? NO! A handful of the competition is starting from zero, which means they are blank slates with unknown potential; the first few weeks of any campaign always see a spike of orders, and these young turks are fresh and full of beans. Any one of them could pole-vault into first position and force me back, and back again, out of the top three. The competition is not to be sneezed at!

I feel a sense of invigoration–I hope it’s more than merely momentary. I need to get out there and get more people in. Get friends to get their friends involved. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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