A new year and a new beginning

Happy new year!

Well, I’ve made the top three on The List, which essentially means that I get the prize of the Full Publication deal without having to worry about hitting the full 750. The contest ended on the 30th–or maybe it was the 31st. Things are a little hazy there, but luckily the race wasn’t so close that it would have made much of a difference.

Much gratitude is owed to all the people who have pre-ordered. And now, on to the production phase! When will the books come out?

I’ve been saying that books will probably be out around November 2017, and that was a conservative estimate back in March when I started. But the volume of books going through Inkshares of late means that the production process is longer now than it used to be. Here is what Inkshares has to say about the production process. According to this, it could be twelve to eighteen months from the moment I submit my manuscript before the book comes out. In short: between January and June 2018.

I admit to being just a little dismayed. But it’s still miles better than not getting it out at all, so it’s still a cause for celebration and I’m going to party like it’s 1925.

I expect to receive the questionnaires about how to handle this property very shortly. Everything’s ready for this next step. The manuscript is done, and I’ve got a new and improved floor plan for the Club:


It’s all systems go from here on. A great way to start a new year.

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1 Response to A new year and a new beginning

  1. Faith says:

    Congratulations! Entirely deserved and I look forward to giving all my friends your book for Christmas.


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