In glorious spring

As I write this, I am looking at the third or fourth solid day of glorious spring weather: blue skies and cool breezes, and bright sunlight streaming over my terrace. Such a day makes it almost a sin to remain indoors, and it’s just warm enough–more May than April–that I can afford to leave my spring outerwear at home.

One week ago, it was unseasonably cold, practically winter still. I had to put on my winter coat to go out.

Winter was spent deep in intensive edits and rewrites. The final document was “poured” last week, and now it’s being shipped around to various influential people and places for blurbs and reviews. In other words, it is out of my hands, and the weather is almost a reflection of my sudden, new-found freedom.

I’ve attended to the housekeeping, sweeping out three months’ worth of accumulated dust; and I’ve actually cleared out the terrace, which I normally never get around to doing. I might even get around to planting stuff in the pots of dirt I have out there.

But what next? What lies ahead, and where do we go from here?

I think the publication date of 31 July 2018 is pretty certain, now that the vagaries of writing and editing are done. I have a book signing set up at the downtown Indigo for 04 August, and I should arrange more stuff around that time. Some things will be managed on Inkshares’s side, but I still have to uphold my end.

CrimeFest in Bristol is next month. I’m looking forward to Cornish pasties and Bovril.

BoucherCon is in Florida in September. I need to make arrangements.

New business cards will have to be ordered, with the book’s new title, “A Gentleman’s Murder”, and more details about myself. I noticed as I was sorting through all the cards I picked up at the last BoucherCon that I was more inclined to keep the ones with contact information on them; the ones that were clearly only about a book went straight into the trash.

I need to start thinking about a sequel. Ideally, I want a book out every year or so, and I think Inkshares agrees. It’s…very strange and offputting to be starting from scratch now, though. I’ve worked so closely with the world and characters of “A Gentleman’s Murder” that anything else feels unsettlingly unfamiliar, as though I haven’t the foggiest idea what’s what anymore.

In other news, there’s just two weeks left to Spring Thing 2018. I really ought to do some reviews.

And in the meantime, there is light and there is life, and I would be a fool to waste it.

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