My name is Christopher Huang.

I was born in Singapore, but moved to Canada when I was 17. I returned to Singapore the following year to complete my military service, which many people think I was crazy to do; but I think I’m a much better person for having done it. Not that I’d want to do it again.

I studied Architecture at McGill University, and settled into life in Montreal, where I lived for over twenty years before finally relocating to Calgary.

4 Responses to About

  1. Monika Carnal says:

    I absolutely loved your first book “A Gentleman’s Murder”. Please continue to write, I will look forward to your future novels. Well done


  2. Daryl Locklear says:

    I just finished reading my Author Signed and Dedicated copy of a masterpiece: A Gentleman’s Murder by Christopher Huang McGill Grad, School of Architecture – i passed one year there, 1974-75. I believe a masterpiece scores high on all of the categories of good writing. Intricate plot, lyrical writing and imagery, compassionate understanding of war vet trauma of the First World War,…The only down area is the missing piece of a romance, which is a must in my evaluations. But Eric Peterkin’s sister Penny adds a lot of brightness, colour and warmth.


  3. John Ottlinger says:

    I just finished reading your book “A Gentleman’s Murder.” It was an excellent mystery as well as a unique view of English society at an earlier time. I hope yo continue to write.


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