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What’s with Venice?

One thing WordPress does is it gives you these daily statistics for how many people stop by your blog, and which pages they go to. So, looking at my stats, it appears as though at least 90% of the traffic … Continue reading

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Awake, awake

Hail October. This year’s annual Interactive Fiction competition has just opened up, and I’ve got the games downloaded and ready to play. I finally finished my reviews for the 2019 competition a couple of days ago; I do not think … Continue reading

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Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag

Day 11 of isolation. Actually, I’m counting this as “Day 11” only because I had to leave the house briefly on the 20th. Church has been suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic, initially until Palm Sunday, now indefinitely, so I … Continue reading

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IFcomp 2016: Quest for the Traitor Saint

Next: “Quest for the Traitor Saint”. This, it turns out, is actually a subtitle–or else it’s one of a series–and on the game itself, the name with the bigger font is “The Saints of Horses”. Horses, you say? You mean, … Continue reading

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On boredom

How often have we seen children who are surrounded by toys and games and activities, but still sighing and claiming boredom? Or how often have we ourselves claimed boredom, been given a thing to do, and realised that it doesn’t … Continue reading

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