Major Update

It’s been a while, and high time I made an update. Of late, I’ve kept thinking, “Oh. I should write something about this thing that happened — but I can’t do that until I’ve made a proper update of all these other things.” So here we go.

First things first, “Cat’s Paw” is now “in production” at Inkshares, along with the other books to make it through the Mystery & Thriller contest. It’s been written and rewritten, and the third draft is currently sitting in the queue. It looks like it’ll come out the end of the year or early next year, which I have to confess is quite a bit later than I was hoping. Still, it’s coming along. One hopes there won’t be too many further revisions after this.

One thing that must be done about it, though: both my publisher and I agree that it needs a better title, one that doesn’t summon up all manner of cat pictures when Googled. Also, the main reason I called it “Cat’s Paw” in the first place seems to have disappeared with the last revision.

It looks as though the TV option for “A Gentleman’s Murder” is still churning away in the background. I don’t pretend to know everything that’s happening there, and I’m still not quite sure I believe it’s real, but I’ve just spent the last month or so banging away at a manuscript for the pilot episode. My publisher is very keen on having me deeply embedded into the writing for it, though I’ll admit it frightens me a little. Books and IF are so much safer.

Part of the contract for the TV option apparently means that the three short IF works I made back when I was crowdfunding “A Gentleman’s Murder” have been called into question. The games have to be pretty completely divorced from the books, which entails more work than I felt they were worth. As such, I’ve simply taken them down.

I’m also no longer living in Montreal. The past year or so has been marked with a number of deaths in the family, and with the passing of my Aunt Mary, it seemed best to move back in with Mom so as to keep her company. That was last June. I’m getting to know the people at church, but, as I don’t generally have much cause to get out of the house, that’s really about it. Thank goodness for the internet, eh?

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  1. Well, it’s good to hear from you, but all this mess with publishers and producers doesn’t bode well. Good luck, and take care of yourself!


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